Museums of Catalonia

PADICAT presents a new monographic dedicated to the museums and collections of Catalonia opened to the public. A wide selection has been carried out through a deep search in several resources directories (search engine of museums and collections of the Generalitat de Catalunya, web sites of the 4 Catalan deputations, patronages of tourism of the regional councils, municipal sites, etc.). From each  museum, Padicat has tried to provide the corporate web of the museum, together with other resources (for example, informative cards of the museum) offered by the municipalities web pages, regional councils web pages, etc.
The monographic Museums of Catalonia contains 1.523 digital resources in different harvestings, corresponding to 657 museums and collections, geographically arranged and in an alphabetical list. By provinces, Barcelona accumulates almost the half of all the museum’s installations of Catalonia, with the 46 ' 3 %, followed by the demarcation of Tarragona with the 19 % of them, Lleida with the 18 ' 1 % and finally, Girona, with the 16 ' 6 %.

The Biblioteca de Catalunya wants to thank the collaboration of the Museu d’Història de Sant Feliu de Guíxols, and especially of its Director Mrs. Sílvia Alemany, in the achievement of this present monographic.

Total number of harvested websites: