Legal note

This web site, with DNS addresses and, is the property of the Biblioteca de Catalunya (BC), with tax number Q-5850029-T, and registered address at Carrer Hospital, 56, Barcelona. 

The object of this web site is based on the application of a number of computer programs that allow cultural or scientific web pages or general web pages containing information relating to Catalonia or of interest mainly to the Catalan people to be collected, stored, organized, preserved and permanently accessed. 

The web site characteristics are as follows:

  • It provides information on PADICAT: what the service is, news, statistics, etc.
  • It allows online searching and viewing of the collected web sites in the PADICAT archive.
  • It is trilingual, being available in Catalan, Spanish and English.
  • It provides links to the individual web sites of the participating institutions.

All the contents of the web site, including texts, images and any other material, are the property of BC or of third parties that have authorised the use of said contents. Any reproduction, sale, public communication or transformation of the web site, wholly or in part, requires the express written consent of BC. 

BC is not responsible for information obtained through links to external systems that are not answerable to it. 

BC complies fully with the Intellectual Property Act and, under the provisions of Section 37.1 of said Act, BC locates, collects and stores the web pages published on the Internet as a not-for-profit research activity involving the task of preservation of cultural heritage that it carries out as a national library. 

Furthermore, BC is not interested in preserving or offering access to the digital resources of persons or institutions that do not wish to have their material included in the project. To this end, it guarantees the producers of web pages that may be candidates to form part of the project the option not to publish the collected web pages in open-access form. If you or your institution do not wish to form part of the Digital Heritage of Catalonia, please communicate this fact to